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About Me

I work with leaders and teams to overcome their communication challenges that prevent them from achieving their goals.

My Story

I started my journey working as a human rights lawyer with real changemakers in international organisations. From informal meetings in the corridors of the United Nations to closed-door sessions and leadership workshops, I quickly realised that people need trust to move forward.


Over the years since then, I’ve worked with different organisations, companies and governments addressing the communication challenges that prevent them from making change happen.

From tech start-ups to investment or renewable energy companies and environmental organisations, I’ve helped individuals and teams to start shaping their narratives and conversations around trust and collaboration, improving dramatically, as a result, their performance and impact. 



I have a PhD in International Law and worked for more than two decades in international advocacy and as a lecturer in human rights for top universities in the UK. 

I’ve sat down with experts, members of government and individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and ideologies, to advance human rights agendas and successfully work on highly sensitive issues. 


I've facilitated conversations around controversial matters and successfully contribute to creating common agendas and alignment in groups that had communication challenges. 

I also have extensive experience working with individuals and teams that due to the nature of their work need to manage complex projects that require excellent communication skills in order to bring people together, foster collaboration and manage potential conflict. 


I work with individuals and teams facing challenging and complex situations.


In order to navigate through difficult circumstances, people need to feel safe.  

Through my work, I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for all my clients.



Make things better by having better conversations.

Don't miss out great ideas or people  because you don't know how to handle friction. 

Let's work together.

Create better conversations

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