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VIP Brand Story Breakthrough

Your story is more than the words in your website, your logo or your visuals.

The story that you’re telling is important, and it needs to be clear to you and to your customers because it matters!

The VIP Brand Story Breakthrough session addresses one specific problem with your story. This session is focused, it’s committed, and it goes deep. It cuts to the chase, and allows you to look into your story from a totally different perspective – a perspective that works for you and for your customers.

Brand Story Map

Sometimes we feel that although what we do is clear, people don’t get the story – why we do what we do, why it’s important, why it’s different, why it’s unique, why it’s relevant.

Are you the fastest, the cheapest, the most reliable, the most innovative? What is the story that you want to tell about what you do? Is this a story that really matters to your customers?

A Brand Story Map is a process designed to answer the 7 key questions that form the foundation of your story.

Brand Story Strategy

You know your story, you love it and your customers love it too. Here is the challenge: you’re growing.

You’re going on to the next step: you have a bigger team, new projects, and everything is getting a bit messy. The passion is there and your customers get it, but in this moment of expansion you feel your story is spreading thin.

You don’t want to lose the connection with what made you unique. You need to keep your story alive and find a way of making it the core of your strategy.

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This is a FREE 30 minutes session that I offer to just 3 people per month.  First come, first served.

If you would like to join me I need to know a bit more about you and your business before we schedule our meeting: