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Are you getting the most out of your story? How is your story hitting the world? What is it creating?  

What are you doing as a result of your story? Are you tapping into new opportunities and possibilities? 

Stories change the way we see the world and can open up our vision to new possibilities. You can discover even bolder ways to make your vision a reality in the world.

If you think your story could make a bigger impact but don’t know how to go about it, if you’re struggling to frame your project into a concept that resonates with you and your audiences, let’s talk.

The brief:

Help to design a collaborative community-led fundraising campaign for Greyhope Bay.

This was a campaign designed to get the first phase of Greyhope Bay, a cafe and marine experience and outdoor exhibition centre, off the ground.

The fundraising campaign was based on Fiona’s vision of Greyhope Bay as a place that facilitates our experience of the marine world, imagines more for the city of Aberdeen and what we can collectively achieve, and helps to lead change in the city.

We designed a fundraising campaign committed to Greyhope Bay’s vision and values: community, collaboration and empowerment. The objective was not only to raise funds but also to do it in a way that reinforced the Greyhope Bay vision and story.

“Natalia helped me craft a new way of fundraising, a way that would stay true to the values of my project and my story and a way that empowered community and shared the energy of the project. Once we had crafted a way to communicate how individuals, businesses and community leaders could be a part of the project, our fundraising skyrocketed, our community grew and is now beginning to multiply. Working with Natalia has been my secret weapon and I would recommend her highly and wholly.”

 Fion McIntyre, Founder and Director at Greyhope Bay

Before we talk, I need a bit more information about you and your business. This will help me to figure out how I can best help you.