The one and only

Business, meaning
Esther Perel, the author and psychotherapist, has written State of Affairs, a book about love and infidelity. She says that one of the problems of our time is that the institution of marriage has changed. Before, we used to expect marriage to be a good practical match and accepted that love could happen outside the marriage. Marriage and love were not expected to be one and the same thing. With the age of romanticism and individualism, marriage has become a state in which one person is expected to fulfil many roles: my one-and-only, my soulmate, my friend, my lover. Never before has the marriage partner been expected to fulfil so many roles.   In a way businesses are going through a similar process. They are expected not just to make…
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Poetry books in boxes

Case Studies, meaning
When I moved to the UK I packed all my books and took them with me, but I left the poetry behind. I never figured it out why. I loved my poetry books, my small curated collection of poems that would save me on a cloudy day. The other day I thought about them. I miss Emily Dickinson, Wilslawa Szymborska, Carilda Oliver Labra.  There’s nothing more ephemeral, unproductive and soul-fulfilling as writing or reading a poem.  Some of the answers to how we can find meaning in our life and work can be measured not in terms of our impact on the world, but rather in terms of how much we allow ourselves to be present in the simple act of doing what we love to do.  As Wilslawa Szymborska…
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Creating meaning over purpose

meaning, purpose
Creating meaning is the process of unveiling what is truly important for us and others in every single moment. We create meaning when we see the signs in front of us and read beyond what they literally say. We’re creating meaning when we care enough to stay and listen to the person in front of us, even if it isn’t going to translate into a sale or a happy customer review. Creating meaning is a commitment to make any interaction with people count, even if it doesn’t help us to achieve our goals.   We create meaning when we value what people care about and we feel honoured to be connected to them. Meaning is a word for community, not for a transaction. You can work out your purpose sitting…
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Are you telling a real story?

change, meaning, story
Rachel Naomi Remen is a doctor, teacher and educator, and a pioneer in integrative medicine. She believes that stories can heal us. She has a peculiar way of looking at stories: she divides them into ‘real’ and ‘not real’. The stories that are not real are the ones told by film-makers, novelists and marketers. According to her, these stories have beginnings and endings.  The real stories, however, have no beginning or end. These stories might have been started a long time ago by the grandmother of your friend, by the mother of someone you’ll never know, by the son of a farmer who passed away long time ago.  When you receive these stories something changes in you. You reach a place of wisdom, you connect, something becomes clear and you…
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