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I’ve seen schools built for indigenous communities that nobody uses, clinics set up in deprived areas that people refuse to attend, and programmes for educating rural children failing – all because they didn’t take the customs and worldviews of their intended users into account.

When I was an academic I decided that I would take indigenous peoples’ views into account and create something that really mattered to them.

Nearly twenty years ago I designed, led and raised the funding for a joint human rights programme with the United Nations that indigenous peoples could be proud of and wanted to be part of, and which would help them to achieve their dreams. It was created to serve them.

I had to sell my idea, pitch it, face rejection and pitch it again. I learned how to encapsulate the hopes and dreams of many people in five minutes to convince organisations to support us. I learned the hard way how to tell a story to bring people on board.

This programme brought positive change and still does. It has empowered many indigenous leaders in Latin America and transformed many communities.

During my years leading this programme, I’ve learned that change happens when you connect your story to other people’s stories, and when you have the courage to create something that matters to others as much as it matters to you.

Most of my work as an academic and as a consultant to different European universities and international organizations, including the United Nations and the European Commission, was based on this understanding:

If we want to build things that matter to people, make a real difference and contribute to creating positive change, we need to connect our story to their story. We need to find the story that makes us relevant to the people we serve.

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